Friday, May 11, 2007

The journey begins with a single step.

Hello. I am Mr C . Along with Mr S. are starting the adventure of trying to start an EU blogging platform as a skunk works within a larger organisation. This blog will record our attempt, and our internal competition. Mr C vs Mr S. Mr S. my partner in crime is still sleeping, so i win the first round . Hopefully my google ads will be more successful than his.

Would hate to see a techie loose to a "serial entrepreneur".


We Change Europe said...

EU-Votes: At you can vote, if you will get involved in the following two important topics:
The Europeans are enlarging their Union!
The Europeans elect their President!
Please click "Vote" and “Yes” or “No” at the “We Change Europe”-Website.

Article 11.4 of the Lisbon Treaty could be the key for solving the European democracy problem. What will happen, if it can be done, when several million votes are collected concerning a specific topic? What if, should there be that many articulated voices, the Commission has to listen to them and then act? These are the questions which “We Change Europe” would like to answer with their initiative.

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