Friday, June 22, 2007

End of Campaign

I've been away in Nepal since the last post, and have only now seen the comments. I can understand how blogging can become addictive, certainly when mixed with a google campaign.

We've decided to pause our recruitment campaign on Google. We have a shortlist of 5-6 people and from what i've been hearing, we have saturated the bloggers covering our area of experitise. A few were impressed with the strategy. Getting bloggers by advertising on their blogs.

I've been pleased with the results but have some questions about spikes in the content network. I really doubt we had 500 real clicks in the past three days.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Looking at Software.

It has been interesting over the last couple of weeks looking at the possible software choices for blogging platforms.

Certainly wordpress mu is a contender and it variants such as Edublogs premium. The possibility to import blogs certainly features high, despite it not working perfectly in the tests we have run.

We have also looked into some custom blog platforms. Interestingly many are successful but do not follow the assumptions that bloggers want cool tools and access to advertising revenue.

Prestige and exposure are key.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Who is Mr H?

Soon the whole alphabet will be used. See Brussels Media

Monday, May 14, 2007

Which ‘established media’?

The results of our campaign have begun slowly...
Kosmopolit asks "which ‘established media’ will be involved? And where does the initial capital come from? "
Andreas, excellent blog by the way. Sorry that i cannot answer your questions right away, but Im sure you have some idea.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Not us...

On 9th May the Foundation is launching a blog - "" to encourage the exchange of ideas on Europe in a area of free discussion and to further the debate on European issues. Take a stance, react, participate! also allows you to create your own blog on Europe. Go ahead – put your ideas on Europe on the net!

Bit the same idea though.

Recruitment campaign begins

We are looking for an experienced blogger with an interest in the EU to develop a profitable blogging platform for an established media. Initial capital has been secured. The candidate must have the right to work in EU, and should ideally be based in Brussels.

**The Profile**
The applicant should be both an experienced blogger and have knowledge of the online economy. We are looking for someone who can bring this platform to profitability and make it grow. You do not need an MBA, journalist degree, but you need to understand the business of blogging, the online economy, and how to build a team. Someone who has had experience working with and for politicians and an online startup is ideal. Excellent written English and another EU language. In addition to management fees + incentives (based on traffic and sales), options to become shareholder of mother company

How to Apply

Please send a summary of your experience and qualifications as both a blogger and an entrepreneur to recruitment.blogs [at] gmail [dot] com (make the appropriate replacements). Be sure to include URLs to relevant posts you have written and a summary of your experience as an entrepreneur and/or startup executive.

The journey begins with a single step.

Hello. I am Mr C . Along with Mr S. are starting the adventure of trying to start an EU blogging platform as a skunk works within a larger organisation. This blog will record our attempt, and our internal competition. Mr C vs Mr S. Mr S. my partner in crime is still sleeping, so i win the first round . Hopefully my google ads will be more successful than his.

Would hate to see a techie loose to a "serial entrepreneur".