Thursday, May 31, 2007

Looking at Software.

It has been interesting over the last couple of weeks looking at the possible software choices for blogging platforms.

Certainly wordpress mu is a contender and it variants such as Edublogs premium. The possibility to import blogs certainly features high, despite it not working perfectly in the tests we have run.

We have also looked into some custom blog platforms. Interestingly many are successful but do not follow the assumptions that bloggers want cool tools and access to advertising revenue.

Prestige and exposure are key.


James said...

Absolutely, all Edublogs sites - premium and free are entirely ad free and will remain so!

If you're interested in developing a customised platform, we also do that kind of work (but don't advertise it yet) and, needless to say, have a fair whack of experience when it comes to blogging.

Heck, the job I'm leaving to do exactly this kind of work is at one of the biggest media outlets in Australia :)

Cheers, James Farmer

publishing said...

I just had to check you out. Your adsense ads kept popping up on my site coming out of Paris.
Yeah I'm a blogger but also a vlogger and a sometimes writer. Have never worked with pollies though - don't know that I trust any of them.